5 cool things!

5 cool things!

What do Tesla, Microsoft, Google, GE, and MIT have in common?  They all made our “5 Cool Things in Tech” list this week!

#1 Tesla

Tesla just got the green light to sell electric cars in Maryland. Governor allows Tesla to sell directly to customers. Where will this lead?

#2 Microsoft

Microsoft will bypass carriers, push Windows 10 updates directly to phones. Will this prevent the platform fragmentation that has plagued Android?

#3 Google

Google cars’ claim of 1 million miles with zero accidents upsets media. (Apparently they have never heard the maxim “never argue with people that buy ink by the barrel.”)

#4 GE

GE pushes a 3D printed mini jet engine, and then…(!) You have got to hear the sound this thing makes.

#5 MIT

MIT says solar power fields with trillions of watts of capacity are on the way. According to my calculations, that’s a lot of power.




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