Color Love

Color Love

Spice up your palate with new hues.

Last month, the Pantone Color Institute announced their 2017 color picks. These colors represent emerging trends in the worlds of graphic design, interior design, photography and beyond. Use our Color Guide to see how the winners can modernize your upcoming presentation or visual communications.

Get our 2017 Color Guide.

Our Guide includes a description of what each winning color evokes, so you can communicate moods and feelings through the language of color. You’ll also find photographs that complement each color, giving you ample inspiration to give them a whirl.

Download our PowerPoint guide to color love!

Use this recipe for color match-making.

Sprinkle in the bold

Less is more when it comes to loud colors, so use them sparingly. Violet, cherry red, electric blue. These colors love being the center of attention. Surround them with neutral shades so that we can enjoy their singular beauty. When we get just a taste, we’re satisfied. However, when you put several prima donnas on the same stage, song quickly becomes cacophony.

Mix in photography

Photography that features your graphic colors creates a mesmerizing experience. It just feels harmonious and meant to be. Plus, the right photo can convey your message an easy instant. That’s how good design should appear: effortless.

Invite other colors to the party

You can quickly create a complimentary color palette based on an image or photo. Just upload your image at and let it do the picking for you. Typically, you want a dark base color like black or maroon, a couple of neutrals like tan or grey, a couple of accent colors like pink and orange, and a bright highlight – something that makes you pucker!

You may now consider yourself a color expert. Go forth and be bold! Give some new colors a shot at love.



Angela Powell

Design Manager |