It feels good to give

It feels good to give

For United Way’s 2013 Day of Caring, ZUM partnered with Water for Humans, a local non-profit working to bring reliable sanitation and clean drinking water to under-served communities worldwide.

We donated six hours of our full team’s time, and were very proud to deliver two pieces of much needed collateral to help this wonderful organization better tell their very inspiring story.

First, we created a short video that Water for Humans can use for fundraising, funding applications, events and their website. We were absolutely delighted to see the video wrack up nearly 3,000 views in the short time it has been posted to slideshare.

We also created an infographic, which visually tells the story of one of their newer offerings – the clean cookstove.

The day presented a challenging opportunity for us to create something in a short amount of time, but we were also all humbled to be able to give just a little bit to this amazing organization. Until next year!

team Zum