Meet ZUM: Tiffanny Brooks

Meet-Zum-Tiffanny Brooks

Meet ZUM: Tiffanny Brooks

“Listening is the foundation for extraordinary communications.”



We call her Tiff. You can too. At ZUM, Tiff spins many plates. From the outside, you wonder how she does it. But working with Tiff you realize that she has mastered the art of controlling chaos and achieving balance. She has a calm demeanor and takes time to hear a client’s whole story: background, present context, goals and concerns. After digging in, she spins gold. Both efficient and creative, Tiff has the Midas touch, distilling meaningful messages from disorder. She’s also a whiz with puns and witty parlance. How does she manage to deliver every time? Read on to get a glimpse inside Tiff’s playbook.

Master communicators listen

When I have the whole story, I’m better equipped to generate communications plans and messaging that resonates with the intended audience. An incomplete picture can jeopardize the legitimacy of a message, so I make sure to understand it all before I begin. This takes time and discipline, as deadlines are always fast approaching. Growing up on a ranch in California, and working as a survivalist and guide for many years, I learned to be receptive to the unexpected, yet focused on a rewarding outcome. I carry these tools with me in all that I do.

I join my client’s team

I don’t consider myself a ‘vendor’ though that’s technically my role! In fact, one of my favorite aspects of working with ZUM clients is partnering so closely that I feel like a member of their team. I have a lot of experience working with Microsoft and other companies throughout Puget Sound. With each job I gain another angle that helps me bring something new and valuable to my next project. Early in my career I craved the constancy and predictability of working on one project at a time. But today, I love working with many different clients from a variety of industries that range from hi-tech to health care. This diversity elevates my expertise and yields rewarding partnerships. I work with many of the same clients year after year, and it’s fun to grow together.

Once the plan is hatched, I hit the gas

My work can often be divided into two parts: planning and execution, and I love them both. I jump right into action when, together with the client, we have achieved clarity on goals. Inspiration is often high following a kick off meeting, and I make sure to capitalize!

Creative risks pay off

What delights me and our clients is solving common problems in creative ways. At ZUM we’re experts in communications. Success is measured by what people think, feel and do after a keynote, conference, event or communications campaign.

I always ask myself, What will address audience needs and motivate them to action? Whatever it is, it must be extraordinary. That’s what I strive to deliver to every client, every time: extraordinary communications!

Want to Work together?

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