Mood Boards

Mood Boards

Channel Your Big Vision Onto One Page.

Have you ever been bursting with creative ideas as you walk into a meeting, but when you attempt to articulate your grand plan, the words just tumble out as mumbo jumbo? Your great concept takes a nose dive in the first two minutes and now you must try to salvage the remainder of your pitch.  Fear not! Here’s a quick tip that will help you successfully articulate your creative ideas.

Use a mood board to create a visual theme and to fuel your creative mission. The use of mood boards to pitch ideas has become a valuable tool of expression when words won’t suffice. If you’re new to the idea of mood boards, they’re a visual way to convey design and concepts. Mood boards should evoke a certain mood or feeling, and lay the foundation for your story.

A great story concept starts with a simple notion.

Think of descriptive words, color, photography, and typography that captures the heart of your story. Also, broaden your scope by finding inspiration outside the digital world. That billboard or poster on the street corner could be your ticket to a successful idea! Then, organize your ideas on a PowerPoint slide or using websites like Pinterest or Presto! You have a mood board that conveys a story theme and feeling your team members can understand and build on.

Need some inspiration?

Here are some awesome mood boards created by our team.


Download our mood board template here.

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Mood board citations:

Urban Focus

Tropical Paradise


Winter Wonderland

Ariel Butz

Graphic Designer //