Salute to Storytellers


Day 8 has arrived!

We love stories, and we love good storytellers.  So for today’s episode we wanted to share a few of our favorite podcasts, or places to find them:

TED RADIO HOURted_sq-3426270a541795b78233a698dd7965d407545cf3-s700-c85
A great podcast in partnership with NPR, the radio hour delivers TED  based talks and ideas adapted for radio.
sj_itunessquare_wnyc_350SNAP JUDGEMENT
Snap bills itself as “Storytelling with a Beat.” Part news show, part poetry slam, it’s some of the best storytelling I’ve ever heard.
Turns out that in the last few thousand years a lot of cool things have happened.  Missed in History delivers the best in fun ways that don’t make you feel you are back in high school.
height_413_width_550_overlay_PH_-_itunes_cover_imagePERSONALITY HACKER
If you want to better understand the perspectives and motivations of those around you, Personality Hacker is for you.
gimlet-media-logoGIMLET MEDIA
Billed as “one of the most innovative new media companies around” Gimlet Media offers a wide variety of quality podcasts. 
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