Tips for Quick Communication


Communications take all shapes. Sometimes via a two minute commercial or an insightful op-ed. But in our day-to-day, e-mail rules the roost.

Because e-mail is now the primary mode of business communication, it’s important to be able to craft a note that really sells your story. Here’s how.

  1. Address the individual. If you’re emailing someone you know, make that connection. If it’s someone you don’t yet know, make the effort to know a bit about them. Being able to make a connection makes it more likely the recipient will read on.
  2. Personality counts. Keep the tone upbeat; don’t slip into robo-language. Read your message out loud to make sure it sounds conversational.
  3. Tell them why they care. And tell them fast. If your reader has to read to the second or even third paragraph to understand how what you’re writing affects them, they’ll move on to the next.
  4. Keep it brief. Take the time to edit your e-mail. After you write it the first time, re-read it. Are there extra words? Can those three sentences be one? And don’t forget, bulleted lists and bold or italic words can bring the reader’s eye to the important points.
Kelsey Frause

Director, Client Relations |