5 Steps to a Better Pitch

5 Steps to a Better Pitch

1. Research

This step is two pronged. To best pitch an idea or product, you have to know that idea or product inside and out.

But that isn’t enough. You have to really know your audience. Identify what your audience needs, so you can tap into that. But also identify “blockers.” Blockers are those ideas that might cause your audience to disagree with you or react negatively. Proactively addressing these issues will make for a much smoother presentation.

2. Structure

It might sound like advice your high school English teacher might give you, but starting with an outline will ensure you’ve incorporated everything – including all of the product information you believe makes it so wonderful, but also the opposition points and competition.

3. Preparation

Practice makes perfect. It’s a truism for a reason. Take the time to polish your presentation alone. Then find someone to give you honest feedback. You’ll be surprised at things you might have missed.

4. Delivery

A strong delivery is essential. But do be sure to tailor your delivery to your audience. If you’re speaking with a group of colleagues, your delivery might be more informal, less forceful. However, if you’re pitching a new product to a new audience, you’ll want to focus on keeping your energy level high to show your enthusiasm.

5. Follow Up

Now you’ve made a strong impression with a thoughtfully prepared presentation. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is a follow up note.

Depending on the formality of the presentation, you can choose to do this by email or a written note. The written note will never go out of style, and shows a high level of professionalism. Make note of particular questions or comments made by each person, so you can reference these ideas in your follow up note – and really cement a good impression.

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