Six “Little” Reasons to Text Your Employees

Six “Little” Reasons to Text Your Employees

Your team is as effective as your policies and methods empower them to be. When it comes to workplace communication, be fast, be clear, be out. Text messaging is an ideal communications channel that reduces time spent in meetings or writing long-winded emails.  Here are a few benefits of texting…

Effective Communication with a History

Cisero, arguably the most influential orator and prose stylist in history, said “Brevity is a great charm of eloquence.” Simply put, be crisp, but be skillful with your words. Emails and meetings can be big time wasters for day-to-day communications. Texting enables concise exchanges that keep employees in-the-loop, on task or simply encouraged about their projects.

Keep It Brief

According to studies, 98% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being sent.  While phone calls and drop-ins completely disrupts productivity, a quick glance at a text gives employees a brief push of information. Be brief and be out so your employees can focus on their priorities.

Use Automated Reminders and Messages

Many employee communications2 can be scheduled ahead of time and sent as mass text to reduce ever-increasing email clutter. Send quick meeting reminders, business updates and other information that advise, without the need to set up a reminder to send a reminder of key information or deadlines.

Gather Information

You can also use texting to gather information quickly through to survey or poll link which can be followed in the moment and completed quickly by your employees. Be sure to use mobile-optimized links and make surveys short and simple to increase the likelihood of receiving greater data input.

Manage Schedules

Scheduling can be a nightmare. Use texting to send out schedule updates quickly while in route to meetings, e.g. “Running 10 min. late. Start meeting without me” employees. If scheduling conflicts arise or the latest stats are needed, use your mass SMS text service to send out a message to all relevant employees to ensure the necessary information is relayed.

Streamline Payroll and Benefits

Text messaging can improve HR functions as well1. If the department has a question about an employees’ hours or expense sheets, they can text to an employee to get quick replies. Repeated questions about open enrollment. For example, can be solved for all, by sending texts that offer clear directions or context. Free up your HR department to avoid the busy work of playing tag with many employees.

Texting was once considered a work distraction, but if used correctly, it is a powerful tool that can aid in productivity and job satisfaction. Use texting to update and inform your employees in the most efficient way possible.  You will love how simple and fast texting is for the small communications you have on a daily basis.

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