APPealing Apps For Marketers

APPealing Apps For Marketers

What are Marketers? We are part storyteller, part project manager, part strategist, product specialist and brand ambassador. There are many other specialties and facets that arise from these core roles, but what I’ve described covers only the core functions. Clearly, it takes a lot of different skills to do what we do.  I’m always looking for tools that help me deliver in this multifarious job.

Here are three apps I use often to inspire my inner storyteller, manage my projects, and keep up on industry trends and news.


Inspire the Storyteller   A TED Talk is thought-provoking, engaging storytelling at its finest. Focused on topics such as Culture, Design, Global Issues, Science and Technology, talks range from humorous to fascinating, and inevitably thought-provoking. I try to listen to at least one TED talk a week – to see how different people tell their story. Since talks are typically 10-20 minutes, it’s basically a shot of espresso storytelling.

With the TED Talks app, you can access 1700+ TEDTalk videos and audios by searching on a theme, rating or tag of interest. You can also download talks onto your device to watch offline.  I find TED Talks are great to listen to before dinner out with clients or friends because they can spark interesting conversation (and you sound smart for bringing up the “engineering marvels of a camel” or “the fractals at the heart of African designs”).

DropboxIconManage Projects Dropbox for Mobile is a free app that can be used to manage files, photos and videos for work and personal use. Files can be easily shared with a few taps. And because they are stored in the cloud, there’s no chance someone can hack them if you leave your phone somewhere. Meaning you won’t suffer a Jennifer Lawrence moment because your nude selfies get leaked to the media. What a relief!

PrismaticIconKeep Up on the Industry I REALLY tried to stay on top of social media (SM) outlets when they first came out. I even got an Online Media Strategies certificate, but by the time I completed my 6 month course, many of the media outlets and analytics methods I’d mastered were already antiquated. I’ve given up trying to keep up. Like an old wooly sweater, I’ve found comfort in the dinosaurs of SM: YouTube, Reddit, Slideshare, LinkedIn…

But I’ve recently discovered Prismatic. It’s a newsfeed that learns what I care about and delivers just the info I find relevant– emerging news topics that may help me market my clients’ products, marketing trends, and personal hobbies (aboriginal survival techniques) that I want to stay on top of. The more you use Prismatic, the more tailored-to-you the information is. Now I don’t have to go lurking through dozens of blogs, media outlets, etc. to get relevant information.

Marketing consultants are savvy folk who not only have to master their own subject matter, but often their client’s subject matter as well. With the rate of change these days it can be tough to juggle it all. Thankfully with the invention of apps there are now easy ways to find new and inspiring content, manage projects, and stay on top of our changing industry. At ZUM, we’re always interested in what’s hot and what is working well for our clients, partners and friends. What are some of your favorite apps?

Tiffanny Brooks

Senior Director //