Beyond BRB

Beyond BRB

Working from home is great, and more people are doing it all the time.  Between advancements in online collaboration tools and not having to commute, it can dramatically increase productivity — so we here at ZUM do it a lot.

Of course, with collab tools comes a lot of IM, and “BRB” doesn’t always capture the entire situation.  We think an entirely new level of detail is needed, so we put our heads together and came up with a few more we think might come in handy:

#1: PAD = Person At Door
This implies that the person is either someone you want to talk to, or there is no easy way to get them to go away.

#2 PAD-SHINBS = Person at Door, Send Help If Not Back Soon
A variant of #1, used when someone shows up that you’re not too sure about.

#3 FTPTO = Forgot To Put Trash Out
Used to explain sudden early morning disappearances.

#4 FTMC = Forgot To Make Coffee
Some things take priority over everything.

#5 TNTT = Too much Noise To Talk
The kids are going nuts, the dog is freaking out, and the dryer alarm is going off.

#6 DPOC = Dog Pee’d On Carpet
A sign your calls are too long.

#7 IPOC = I Pee’d On Carpet
A sign your calls are WAY too long.

#8 CWDTOIM = Can We Do This Over IM?
Useful when everyone suddenly needs to talk to you at once.

#9 PRTLFM = Please Repeat The Last Five Minutes
Used when you’ve lost the thread of a conversation. (We never do this of course.)

#10 YOM = You’re On Mute
It happens. There’s no shame in it…

Feel free to start using these today.  Now I need to run, PAD-SHINBS!


team Zum