Classic Fonts

Classic Fonts

When any designer sits down to begin a project that includes text of any kind, one of the biggest decisions they will make is what font to use.

Traditional fonts are great for any corporate project, but can also be just the thing to not cause too much distraction for something where the focus is the graphics. Here’s a roundup of some great traditional fonts, and some interesting facts for your next cocktail party teeming with designer-types.

Font Say what?
futura Futura’s round O’s and sharp peaks and valleys in M, N, and W, is a Bauhaus-inspired work.
fedra The Czech-born designer wanted to create a face that would work equally well on screen and on paper, and at both small and large sizes. There are at least 35 variations of Fedra Sans.
garamond AdobeGaramond is 1989 variation on Claude Garamond’s original sixteenth-century font. The modern take stays true to the original proportions, but updates it for modern usage.
mrseaves Mrs. Eaves is named after Baskerville’s housekeeper, mistress, and artistic collaborator, Sarah Eves.
clarendon This heavy typeface is the primary font in early advertisements and dictionaries.


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