Down to business

Down to business

It’s no surprise that here at ZUM creativity is what really get’s us going. But creativity without rock-solid execution doesn’t really matter, does it?

In our quest to spend as much time as possible helping our clients deliver the awesomesauce, while still nailing the important stuff behind the scenes, we have found two tools that stand out:

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Ever spent more time deciding when to meet than actually meeting?  Setting up meetings with many busy people can require some pretty complicated negotiation.

FindTime let’s you suggest a number of dates and times, and then let’s the attendees vote on what works best for them.  If you and your attendees calendars are both hosted on Office 365, and you’ve allowed it, you can even get an idea for when people are free or busy — even when you don’t work for the same company.

Once everyone agrees, meetings are added to calendars. Boom!

This one of those things that is so good that after using it once you can’t imagine every being without it.


Project management tools abound, but we like Asana a lot.  We’ve been using it here at ZUM for years.

What really set’s Asana apart is it’s flexibility. Getting things done quickly can be unpredictable and non-linear.  Asana doesn’t impose one way of managing projects. It easily adapts to you rather than the other way around (and who wants that).

Both of these tools are worth a look!




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