Fantasy Rebranding

Fantasy Rebranding

At university, I was asked to choose a company for an exercise in “fantasy rebranding.” I chose motor-coach icon Winnebago.

I was intimidated at first, but then I realized this was a virtual promotion to Creative Director. With this liberating perspective in mind, I started my fantasy project by updating the established Winnebago design aesthetic to a cleaner, more icon-based design that might be more appealing to a hip 20-something:Fantasy Rebrand Before/After

With Winnebago’s association with nature, I chose a pallet of earthy tones. The shape of the new Winnebago logo incorporates many ideas that the company represents: The wing-tipped “W” pays homage to the previous logo, but also corresponds to the continuity of the company, its legacy, but also its ability to endure.

Fantasy Rebrand Study

The integration of the location pin connects to a younger audience as well as reflects the core value of Winnebago: “There for you between A and B. No matter where you’ve come from or where you’re going, Winnebago represents comfort and luxury anywhere.”

We can also see a representation of the timeline of the company in the placement of the location pin, in Winnebago’s mission statement – “Moving forward with innovation and quality.”

I crafted a logotype from Aleo, an angled slab-serif typeface.  Starting with the standard font I then altered the serifs on some of the letters to better reflect the logo mark.

Fantasy rebrand typography

I enjoy embedding all of these subtle cues and ideas into a single logo, and then pushing those ideas into all of the other areas of the brand – from the website or app to the letterhead system.

It was during this project that I realized how much I truly love branding and identity work. It’s a special thing, I think, to be able to influence how a company represents themselves to the world.

As far as I know, Winnebago has not noticed my work on this exercise. If they have, I hope they like what they see. I know I enjoyed this project and definitely came away smarter, and a whole lot more interested in RV’ing.


team Zum