Getting Employees Fired Up: 4 Tips on Employee Communication Campaigns

Getting Employees Fired Up: 4 Tips on Employee Communication Campaigns

One of the things we love to do at ZUM is build employee communications that help engage employees around a particular corporate initiative. This fall I had the privilege of driving the employee communications for Microsoft’s Giving Campaign, the month-long campaign that gets employees excited about giving back to their communities. Every year, millions of dollars are raised through everything from a 5K run, to a car show, a dog calendar, an online auction, and even a photo book, to name a few.

Of course, there’s lots of things to consider when putting together an employee campaign that’s actually effective in getting employees excited and involved. Here are 4 quick tips I used while working with the Microsoft Giving Campaign:


You hear that a lot, but I’m going to say it again, at the crux of any good comms plan is an audience analysis. Even for the general employee audience, it helps to break it down to leaders, managers, new employees, etc. Although your basic messages might be the same, by identifying what a specific audience needs to hear to evoke change, action, or results, it helps to tweak the campaign core messaging accordingly.

New employees might need additional resources since they are new to the company. Leaders may need a different kind of push because they’re so busy and have goals for their own teams. Whatever the action you want the sub-audience to take, make sure it’s clear in your plan.


It’s important to identify your main messages up front, and always return to them, no matter what channel.

The Giving Campaign tagline this year was “Giving. It’s Simple.” We put it everywhere: posters, sticky notes, digital signage, and email communications. Where we had more room, we drove home the point that “Giving at Microsoft is simple” through stories, themes, and text.


The average person needs to see a message seven times to internalize it. So, we used a ton of channels to get our message out.

A big event like a Giving Campaign or Open Enrollment is the perfect opportunity for an integrated plan. Plaster your creative as many places as possible. From swag to exec comms to emails to intranets, find creative ways to get your story out there.


At ZUM, we talk a lot about how powerful stories are, and internal comms is no different.

Always look for a chance to tell employee stories. This year we opened the all-employee emails with stories of Microsoft employees giving time and money to draw employees in. Stories move.

The good news is the Giving Campaign was extremely successful this year. Hopefully these tips will help you the next time you get employees fired up!

team Zum