It’s All in the Delivery

It’s All in the Delivery

What do truly powerful speakers have in common? What is it about them that just captivates you?


It’s a combination of internal and external factors that we call PACE.

Let’s talk a bit about the first – purpose.

Purpose is the notion that everything that we say or do must have some desired outcome. To understand the purpose for your speech, take a step back. Imagine that you are a character in a novel or a movie, and try to understand that character and their motivation. As clichéd as it sounds, you need to know your motivation. Speak from that space.

If your speech is driven by purpose, it will be powerful. Your audience will feel that clarity before you even get to your topic, and you’ll get their buy in before you’re even warmed up because they know you’re bought in.

To uncover that purpose, ask yourself a simple question: “What do I want?”

We encourage our clients to drill down on that question into these audience outcomes, and encourage you to use this cheat sheet:


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