Kevin Calhoun - Junior Graphic Designer - Zum Communications
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Kevin Calhoun – Junior Graphic Designer

Kevin is a multi-faceted, talented graphic designer who’s passionate about crafting “visual voices” for extraordinary people and organizations. Kevin is warm, funny, creative and people are drawn to him.  He brings the touch of the unexpected to his work.  Kevin believes that an effective design starts with a strong message that is both compelling and meaningful to viewers.

Kevin has worked with numerous high-tech clients such as Amazon, Restaurant Unlimited, Microsoft and AT&T. Prior to joining the ZUM family, Kevin was employed at Zooppa where he collaborated with writers and project managers to compose corporate branding designs, marketing strategies, and communication solutions.

Kevin holds a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from the Seattle Central Creative Academy.

Besides his love for design, Kevin enjoys cooking, screen-printing, and watching the latest episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

favewebsiteFavorite website: So awesome.

faveappFavorite App:

coffeeorderStanding Coffee Order: Grande drip. Black.

favemovietvFavorite Movie/TV Show: The Big Lebowski

favepizzaFavorite Pizza: The one with goat cheese.