Online lessons with Office Mix and Bill Gates

Online lessons with Office Mix and Bill Gates

Microsoft wanted to help teachers everywhere tap into the latest tools and technologies to better engage and educate their students. The result? Office Mix.

With Office Mix, teachers use PowerPoint to build and publish cool online lessons with audio, video, ink, simulations, and (sorry kids!) quizzes. What better way to show it off than having Bill Gates deliver one of the first lessons?

Bill is an expert in the dynamics of global poverty, and what it will take to end it. It’s a complex topic (#understatement) and ZUM was asked to help condense one small part of it into a short and compelling lesson. We also helped develop visual aids to bring home the key concepts. You can check out the results here:


Every story is about change, it’s one of the reasons we love telling them. By that metric this subject matter was off the charts. We had a lot of fun on this project and we hope you take away a few things from the lesson. If you are interested in learning more, check out and


team Zum