Picking a new intranet? Here are 7 to consider

Picking a new intranet? Here are 7 to consider

So, you’re a one-(wo)man internal communications shop—you’re supporting an executive, keeping the org connected to strategy, and juggling speeches, newsletters, and other content updates. And now you’re going to build out an intranet for your organization.  But where do you even start and how do you find more hours in your day?

Before you select one, think through the following:

  • Does your company have a tool or platform already purchased? (SharePoint, Box, etc)
  • What is the goal of the intranet and how much budget do you have?
  • What social add-ons will you need access to? (Yammer, Chatter, Twitter, etc)
  • Who will be updating the content and how frequently?
  • Who needs to access the content? A team behind the firewall? Third-party vendors?
  • How much content is already available and just needs to be linked to versus how much will be new and needs to be created?

The good news is intranet platforms have come a long way in the last few years. There used to be one option: SharePoint, but now with social media bombarding the workplace, more employees working remotely, larger file sizes that need storage, and the cloud that makes support and set-up a breeze, more companies are bringing their solutions to the table. There are some new tools available that can be helpful for a one-person comms team that take little to no developer resources and have out-of-the-box customization.

In your research and planning, here are 7 intranets to look into:

Huddle: from online file sharing to intranets and extranets, Huddle has a host of uses. One perk—it lets you share content with third party vendors, without needing a VPN.

Igloo Software







Igloo touts it’s an intranet you’ll actually like. With all the apps built in (blogs, calendars, file sharing, and wikis), it’s an intranet for work, with all the tools you’re familiar with at home. Their marketing videos are pretty funny too 🙂

Jive Software:






Jive offers 4 different products to meet different needs: from task management, to secure intranets behind the firewall; it boasts social and mobile tools, all as a part of your IT stack that integrates with cloud apps like Box.  One differentiator is Jive’s Advanced Gamifcation Module. Be sure to check it out!

Jostle:  if you’re looking for “turnkey intranet software in the cloud”, then Jostle may be for you. Its people-centric approach fosters teamwork and bridges silos through People view and sharing stories.








Easily create, send, and measure engaging employee communications from newsletters to surveys along with several social features like commenting, liking, and sharing to Yammer or Chatter.



Some might say the original intranet. If you’re company already has SharePoint technology, you might have to use it. But often it does require a developer to customize it or a partner to implement it. Now on Office 365 it integrates with Yammer and has apps that add even more functionality.








Having been around since 2005, they were one of the first to take on redesigning the intranet. Now with ThoughtFarmer 6 available it’s the best of everything—intranet software with social features—it’s friendly, flexible, and practical.

So, take a deep breath, think through your goals & objectives, talk to these companies, and then be grateful you’re not writing by candlelight with a quill pen!

team Zum