Telling the Windows 10 Story

Telling the Windows 10 Story

For day 10 of our “12 days of ZUM” series, it only seems natural to talk about, you guessed it, Windows 10!

Prior to its launch, the Windows commercial team needed a way to educate their worldwide marketing groups about Windows 10, and get everyone on the same page – no easy task with a product as multi-faceted as Windows 10.

ZUM helped them distill a myriad of features into one Windows 10 Commercial “Storybook.” This Storybook expanded on the brand and promise of Windows 10 for enterprise, and showed how to bring that story to life. Together with over one hundred pages of customer-ready copy and reference materials this Storybook is a valuable resource for the field.

This was of our most rewarding and fun projects of 2015!

team Zum