The Gift of Thank You

The Gift of Thank You

Extend the giving season with gratitude throughout the year.

Your company parties are over and you’ve celebrated the successes of 2016.

You and your colleagues have been recognized for your hard work. The halls were decked with office memes and it was a jolly end of year for all!

These acknowledgements, along with the festivities and bustle of the holiday season, created momentary good will and cheer. But now the decorations are boxed up and the jubilation has slowed to a grumpy murmur. You find yourself sitting in front of a black screen once again, coping with audacious targets, lofty quotas and imminent deadlines. Your next day off isn’t until Memorial Day, 149 days from now.

Don’t slip into the post-holiday slump. Keep the celebratory spirit of the holidays alive by acknowledging and showing gratitude to co-workers. What better way to reinforce the kudos and kindnesses that get mixed into the end-of-year melee?

Make your message meaningful.

A great thank you note has three distinct qualities:

  • Be specific. Focus on the unique qualities that this particular person brings to the table. Instead of “Thanks for your work on the X-corp project,” highlight what distinguishes them from others. Instead say, “Thank you for being a strong collaborator on the “X-corp” project. Your ideas and innovation for promoting this service have been highly valued by the client. Their confidence in our proposed marketing campaign reflects your thoughtfulness and hard work. Congratulations!”
  • Be authentic. Speak from the heart and avoid clichés. Your authenticity is as important as the words themselves. Your message will be most compelling when you deliver one that is meaningful and personal to you. A good example is: “I hold you in high regard because you articulate the client’s needs so clearly and forecast next steps succinctly. I learn from you every time we attend client meetings together. Thank you.”
  • Be generous. Thank you notes are an opportunity to single out an individual or a team and to highlight their specialized skills to their peers and managers. To recognize a team that has collaborated successfully on a project, send a note to the entire team and cc their managers. Be generous in your praise. For example, “Each of you played a key part in making this project come to life. From conceptualizing the brand to executing the design, everything aligned beautifully. I am proud to be a part of this team, and thank you all for your amazing talent.”

A two-line expression of recognition can do more to motivate and inspire your teams than any bonus they receive (well, almost!). When your employees and colleague (even clients) are acknowledged for the skills that make them unique, they take the message to heart.

Now it’s your turn.

The sooner the better! Express your gratitude in full while its still fresh. Your employees and colleagues will thank you. Interested in learning how we can boost your employee engagement? Get in touch and we’ll chat!



Tiffanny Brooks

Senior Director //