Writing is a process. You start with an idea, work it out in an outline, and then start pounding the keys.

But sometimes in that process, too many words find their way from your internal dialogue to the page.

At ZUM we always strive for simple, clear, straightforward writing. It’s more impactful. While descriptive and longer words might feel like a more polished delivery, in reality they distract from your message.

Below is a compilation of some of the common wordy or redundant phrases as well as overly formal verbiage.

Wordy Simple
Subsequent to After
In the event That is
In my own personal opinion I believe
Due to the fact that Because
It would be advisable to You should
In close proximity to Near
In view of the fact that Because
At that point in time Then
Has the ability to Can
With reference to the fact that Concerning
A large number of Many
Within the realm of possibility Possible
In some cases Sometimes
Redundant Simple
Completely finish Finish
Tentatively suggest Suggest
Prove conclusively Prove
Totally unique Unique
Completely finished Finished
Complete and total failure Complete failure
Tactful diplomacy Diplomacy
Twenty-four-hour day Day
Alternative choices Choices
Behave and conduct oneself Behave
Source and origin Source
Scheming and planning Scheming
Overly formal verbs Straightforward verbs
Purchase Buy
Depart Leave, go
Assist Help
Require Need
Request Ask for
Commence Start, begin
Reside Live
Obtain Get
Acquire Get, gain
Observe Watch
Gratify Please
Possess Own
Repair Fix
Desire Want
Cease Stop
Permit Let
Inform Tell
Respond Answer, reply
Correspond with Write to
Resume Start again
Enquire, inquire Ask
Endeavor Try
Deem Think
Wish to Would like to, want to
Shall Will, let’s, should
team Zum