WrAPPing It Up: Apps for Creative Minds

WrAPPing It Up: Apps for Creative Minds

Part 3: Apps for Creatives (Preceded by Apps for Writers and Apps for Marketers)

Capture your brilliance Thoughts of singular brilliance glimmer through your mind like fireflies flitting across a marsh just after sunset. You cannot stop the curse of cleverness that you were gifted with – the flow of invention, ideas, humor, plans, ventures and other matters of action or design that hound you for hours on end. Where can you find reprieve from these moments of luminary chaos? Apps, my friends – they can harness that madness so you can make the most of your singular and visionary IQ.

Here are a few of my favorites:

App_Trello_iconHello, Trello. It’s the creative mind’s resting place for the creatively encumbered. It’s like a storyboard for the mind. With Trello, you can create boards to organize your thoughts, activities and plans. You can even invite others to collaborate with you on any of these magnificent inventions. All you have to do is capture your ideas on Trello cards, arrange them in lists on your boards, and if you want, connect them to other apps to get the most advantage out of Trello. With IFTTT, you can connect hundreds of apps with Trello to create “recipes” that make your ideas more actionable, such as Gmail, Todoist, WordPress, and many more. The ingenuity has no limits!

Creativityatwork_iconCreatives are often encumbered by that bourgeois, everyday distraction called “a job”. There’s an app for those of us who need to be creative at work. It’s called, drumroll please, Creativity at Work. Yes, the name lacks a little – je ne sais quoi – shall we call it swagger, for those of us whose creative muse is words. Why not call this app something more lyrical like “Clever Endeavors” or alliterative like “Inspiration Incorporation”? Despite its rather droll, albeit straight-forward name, Creativity at Work helps people in the workplace hone in on three stages of the creative process to help them unlock solutions and be more innovative: 1) getting focused, 2) generating creativity, and 3) capturing ideas. It’s a handy app for problem solving and outside-the-cubicle thinking.

Skitch_iconFinally, the last app I’ll mention is Skitch. For those of us who are visually influenced, Skitch helps you capture, mark up and send that-which-inspires so you can plan, collaborate and remember provocative images while you’re on the go. Annotate notes, quickly sketch or symbolize out your emotions or ideas related to the photo or PDF you’re working on and send it on to others. Skitch is a powerful screenshot app that also allows users to crop, resize, etc. and it’s super easy to use.

And so this wraps up the 3-part series on apps for Writers, Marketers and Creatives. Hopefully you’ve found some useful information here. Please send us your favorite apps in these categories – we’d love to share them as an addendum to this series! In the meantime, unleash that savage, artistic, ingenious mind of yours and go create something devastatingly spectacular with one of these apps!

Tiffanny Brooks

Senior Director // tiffanny@zumcom.com