Wrapping up, looking ahead

Wrapping up, looking ahead

Day 12! We hope you have enjoyed our temporally non-traditional “12 days” series.

The first day of 2016 seems an appropriate place to look back on the 11 days that got us here.  At the same time, it’s a great day to look ahead to 2016, where we plan to do even more amazing things for our clients!

So ICYMI, here’s 1 through 11:

LinkedIn_12Days_1DAY 1

Great places to find free high-res images.

 LinkedIn_12Days_2DAY 2

Apps for Writers

 DAY 3LinkedIn_12Days_3

Free vector holiday icons.

 LinkedIn_12Days_4DAY 4

Apps to help you get down to business.

 LinkedIn_12Days_5DAY 5

The best of the ZUM blog.

 LinkedIn_12Days_6DAY 6

Spoiler alert! Um, wait. Guess everyone has seen it by now…

LinkedIn_12Days_7DAY 7

The strangest things we’ve ever put on slides.

 LinkedIn_12Days_8DAY 8

Our favorite storytellers.

 LinkedIn_12Days_9DAY 9

Sites that inspire us.

 LinkedIn_12Days_10DAY 10

You guessed it, Windows 10!

 LinkedIn_12Days_11DAY 11

Quotable writers.

And that’s it!

There is more to come in 2016, but maybe next year we’ll just go with a top 10 list. Or maybe top 5… 😉

Stick around to find out!

team Zum